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An Independent brand skateboard truck

Attached to the deck are two metal (usually aluminum alloy) trucks, which connect to the wheels and deck. The trucks are further composed of two parts. The top part of the truck is screwed to the deck and is called the baseplate, and beneath it is the hanger. The axle runs through the hanger. Between the baseplate and the hanger are bushings, also rubbers or grommets, that provide the cushion mechanism for turning the skateboard. The bushings cushion the truck when it turns. The stiffer the bushings, the more resistant the skateboard is to turning. The softer the bushings, the easier it is to turn. A bolt called a kingpin holds these parts together and fits inside the bushings. Thus by tightening or loosening the kingpin nut, the trucks can be adjusted loosely for better turning and tighter for more stability. Standard Kingpin nut size is 3/8″ – 24tpi.

Skateboard trucks are manufactured in a number of different axle widths. In general an axle width should be chosen that is close to the width of the deck it will be used with. For example, a 7.75″ wide deck will usually be fitted with trucks that have axles between 7.5″ wide and 8.0″ wide. (Standard truck axel nut size is 5/16″-24tpi UNF, and the thinner “jam” style with an optional nylon lock.) Trucks that are too wide can make doing tricks difficult and can cause the wheels to get in the way when the skateboard is being ridden. Trucks that are too small can be hard to maintain stability and can cause wheel bite to occur when turning.

Longboard specific trucks are a more recent development. A longboard truck has the king pin laid at a more obtuse angle (usually between 38 and 50 degrees) to the deck, this gives a greater degree of turning for the same tilt of the deck. This allows riders to go much faster while still maintaining stability and control.

Giant strides have been made in the truck industry over the years. In late 2007, Gullwing Truck Company manufactured a truck named “Sidewinder” that can pivot on two different angles, thus greatly decreasing the turning radius of the board, resulting in a greater feel between the rider and the sidewalk.

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Krux Trucks Downlow Cairoglyphic 3.5 pair

Posted: December 27, 2012 by prowpress in Skates USA

Krux Trucks Downlow Cairoglyphic 3.5 pair

Krux Krux Trucks Downlow Cairoglyphic – 3.5 pair

Krux Trucks Rainbro Downlow 3.5 Pair

Posted: December 27, 2012 by prowpress in Skates USA

Krux Trucks Rainbro Downlow - 3.5 Pair

Krux Krux Trucks Rainbro Downlow – 3.5 Pair

Paris Trucks

Posted: September 23, 2012 by Jawaid in Skateboards, Skates USA
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Paris Trucks 180- black/black (pair)

Paris Trucks 180- black/black (pair)


 HANGER LENGTH: 180mm (7 inches)
 AXLE LENGTH: 245mm (9.65 inches)
 356.2 virgin aluminum gravity molded baseplate and hanger
 Grade 8 steel axles and kingpin
 Secondary heat treatment process for added strength and durability
 Special urethane bushing formula for ultimate rebound and vibration dampening
 Kingpins are set at 50 degrees
 Guaranteed for Life!!!

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Revenge Alpha II - 175mm Longboard Trucks (pair)

Revenge Alpha II – 175mm Longboard Trucks (pair)




The Revenge Alpha II is a single pivot 45° torsion truck made of 8DC12 recycle-based lead free aluminum. They are designed for carving, sidewalk surfing and for the pure thrill of turning. They are not intended to replace your conventional trucks for the skatepark. Revenge trucks are too performance oriented for traditional transition-based skateboarding.

The patented external locking mechanism allows for the tightest turns with no need for riser pads even with wheels up to 73mm, resulting in a full circle on a 47″ board in less than 8 feet, all with no wheel bite! Turning has never been easier.

They are mountable with standard hardware along with two options for hole patterns, old school and new school.

The bushing is made from the highest quality high impact polyurethane, made in the USA.