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Skateboarding (Photo credit: Matt Peoples)


For the existing customers of skates USA, there is good news. New products have been added to the list with bigger and better stock availability. Skate board wheels in a wide variety of colors and styles. Each roller wheel has its speciality for the skateboards. A skate board is of the least use without them and riding, drifting, sliding experience of a skate boarder goes only as good as the wheels. The more dependable they are, the more confidence they give to the rider as he turns without a fear of falling or tipping of the board.


English: Skate board Graffiti Graffiti that's ...

English: Skate board Graffiti Graffiti that’s the word but in this case it can be called art work.The skating park graffiti. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


New potential customers of skates USA those who are interested in skating and long boarding, Skates USA bring new and featured products in a variety for its buyers. Not just skate boards, long boards and clothing and shoes accessories, but also parts of skate boards like bearings and trucks are also present. Skate boards meant for aggressive, speedy and controlled ride can be found at Skates USA. The various all new categories of skate boards like the Loaded Complete are in stock.


For skate boarders who like having a broader foot space under their feet, Loaded Complete and Deck Bhangra that provide more space for the feet and in addition to that, they let the riders ride in freestyle and help them in performing dancing feats while boarding. The boards however are lightweight to facilitate even the sleaziest of slides. That being said; this category provides multiple features that otherwise seem contrasting to each other. For skate boarders who look for highly dependable and reliable skate boards that never let the riders down, there is a latest category of Kanthaka skate boards. These skate boards offer agility and high dependability with great grip. The next time someone rides on the rough on this skate board; he can be sure neither to fall off nor to have the skate board broken in two. The loaded Complete and Deck Kanthaka are the skate boards new to the list with great new features.


A skate board is only as good as the feet wear of the rider. Stylish and dependable sneakers that provide both style and utility to the riders are also available as latest features in the list. Fallen and Converse Shoes with two variants each. The shoes are made from heavy duty canvas that is there to stay and provides great durability. Offered in colors red and khaki, the shoes seem pretty stylish and fancy. Not to mention, shirts, hoods and jackets are also latest products introduced. As for the featured products, there are Original Trucks for skate boards and Roces M12 and Razor Skate Cult are the featured skating shoes designed for good grip on the heels and firm ride for beginners and experts.  All these latest and featured products are there to be taken by the skating fans and buyers.



Skateboards (Photo credit: erokCom)


Skating is an important part of lives of people who adopt it as a hobby or as a sport that means their profession. Either way, people tend to find the best skate boards for the purpose. To buy the best long boards and skate boards, one can have them from the website Just to add to the excitement, there are new and featured products awaiting customers.


The latest products added to the existing ones include Loaded Complete Tan Tien 2012 and Loaded Deck TanTien 2012. These skate boards are designed for sliding, carving and for free ride, the former one is touch more expensive than the later one but one can be sure to have a difference in the quality and performance of the two. The Loaded Complete Fattail is a skate board that has been designed for pumping and free style. Any general usage for a skate board can be matched with this model. The classic concept has been modernized with this skate board’s design as it comes with a little extra girth. For the sake of pedestrian slalom, there is introduced Loaded Deck Fattail that also gives extra girth.


For those who like having a broader skate board that gives more room to the feet, there is introduced a Loaded Complete Bhangra that gives more standing space and yet it is light weight to allow the riders turn sleek and quickly. It has upturned nose and tail kicks that look very beautiful to see are serve a great utility as well. The Loaded Deck Bhangra also has a wider foot space allowing its riders to get dancing groves. Comfortable and functional agronomics are the trademarks for both these designs as they hit the store. Loaded Complete Kanthaka and Loaded Deck Kanthaka are the designs that give agility as well as muscles to the riders. The skate board not only looks tough but it also has the loyalty and dependability.


A skater is only as good as his foot wear; this too has been taken care of with the Fallen Shoes Capitol in Blood and Dust colors are available.  Apart from these; one can find stylish and trendy shirts, hoods/ uppers and jackets too.


In the featured products, there are original long board trucks that help in making the tightest of turns on the steepest of hills. They are not just oriented for showoff but they add to the skater’s confidence to take on the big game with confidence of not having to fall and get injured. Then there is Foundation Complete Duffel Gravedigger and Roces M12 UFS Aggressive Inline Skates for those who prefer skating shoes on skate boards. The Razor Skate Cult Street comes with excellent heel support and a lower base for feet to stay close to the ground. The Landyachtz Complete Ripper Bamboo is also a very stylish long board that is factory assembled. All these latest and featured products can be found on the website They come in a wide variety and with very reasonable rates for buyers.


If you are get bored with your regular workout and you something exciting in your life then why don’t you give a try to inline skating. As the weather is getting brighter, it’s perfect time to go outdoors to get full time enjoyment of exercise. It’s a great when you do skating.

Skating is a fun sport; your legs will not jar like it happen when you do jogging. When you do skating, there’s nothing like feeling cool breeze on a humid day. It feels really great when you do zip around the park. You can even add more fun; you can take your pet (dog) with you to run alongside you. How’s this?  Sound fun? Of course, it is just amazing to have fun with skating.

Whether you decide to skate on tarmac, grass or in the skate park, we have design every kind of skates for you. You can give us a call or drop an e-mail with your needs; we will help you and will make the right choice for you. Check out our latest variety here Latest Skates



Remz OS4 Franky Edition Complete Aggressive Inline skates:

Remz OS4 Franky Edition Complete Aggressive Inline skates

Remz OS4 Franky Morales Edition– With this new version of its popular OS4 Color Series, Remz is honoring Franky Morales’s contribution to the brand by giving him a last signature product designed to his own ‘ninja’ color choice: black with purple highlights. This new “OS4 Franky Morales Edition” features high-end GC FTL2 frames, a Remz OS liner redesigned with new high density foam for support + improved fit and anatomically shaped heel area around the ankle, as well as all the proven OS4 features including the fast lacing system, the original Remz V-cuff for optimum maneuverability and shoe-feel, reinforced straps, and the “Open Shell” minimalist lightweight design making it one of the most sought-after skate in the industry today. Match your style. Features: – Remz Open Shell Concept – Enhanced Remz OS liner – Ground Control FTL 2 frames – “Ninja” custom colorscheme by Franky Morales – Remz original V-Cuff – Reinforced Straps – Replaceable One-piece Soul frame – Replaceable Backslide plate – 57mm-90A M1 Franky Morales wheels – 42mm Anti-rocker wheels

Here is the next post on history of skateboarding. In last post we talked about 1940-1960s era. In this post we are talking about 1970s era. And in coming posts we will be talking about 1980s and 1990s to present.

In the early 1970s, Frank Nasworthy started to develop a skateboard wheel made of polyurethane, calling his company Cadillac Wheels. Prior to this new material, skateboards wheels were metal or “clay” wheels. The improvement in traction and performance was so immense that from the wheel’s release in 1972 the popularity of skateboarding started to rise rapidly again, causing companies to invest more in product development. Nasworthy commissioned artist Jim Evans to do a series of paintings promoting Cadillac Wheels, they were featured as ads and posters in the resurrected Skateborder magazine, and proved immensely popular in promoting the new style of skateboarding. Many companies started to manufacture trucks (axles) specially designed for skateboarding, reached in 1976 by Tracker Trucks. As the equipment became more maneuverable, the decks started to get wider, reaching widths of 10 inches (250 mm) and over, thus giving the skateboarder even more control. Banana board is a term used to describe skateboards made of polypropylene that were skinny, flexible, with ribs on the underside for structural support and very popular during the mid-1970s. They were available in myriad colors, bright yellow probably being the most memorable, hence the name.

Manufacturers started to experiment with more exotic composites and metals, like fiberglass and aluminium, but the common skateboards were made of maple plywood. The skateboarders took advantage of the improved handling of their skateboards and started inventing new tricks. Skateboarders, most notably Ty Page, Bruce Logan, Bobby Piercy, Kevin Reed, and the Z-Boys (so-called because of their local Zephyr surf shop) started to skate the vertical walls of swimming pools that were left empty in the 1976 California drought. This started the vert trend in skateboarding. With increased control, vert skaters could skate faster and perform more dangerous tricks, such as slash grinds and frontside/backside airs. This caused liability concerns and increased insurance costs to skatepark owners, and the development (first by Norcon,then more successfully by Rector) of improved knee pads that had a hard sliding cap and strong strapping proved to be too-little-too-late. During this era, the “freestyle” movement in skateboarding began to splinter off and develop into a much more specialized discipline, characterized by the development of a wide assortment of flat-ground tricks.

As a result of the “vert” skating movement, skate parks had to contend with high-liability costs that led to many park closures. In response, vert skaters started making their own ramps, while freestyle skaters continued to evolve their flatland style. Thus by the beginning of the 1980s, skateboarding had once again declined in popularity.

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