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Posted: March 8, 2013 by Jawaid in Accessories, Aggressive Inline Skates, band, Beanie, Belt, Clothing, Footwear, Hats, Longboards, Skateboards, Skates USA, Sunglasses, Wallet, Wax, Wheels
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Skateboards (Photo credit: erokCom)


Skating is an important part of lives of people who adopt it as a hobby or as a sport that means their profession. Either way, people tend to find the best skate boards for the purpose. To buy the best long boards and skate boards, one can have them from the website Just to add to the excitement, there are new and featured products awaiting customers.


The latest products added to the existing ones include Loaded Complete Tan Tien 2012 and Loaded Deck TanTien 2012. These skate boards are designed for sliding, carving and for free ride, the former one is touch more expensive than the later one but one can be sure to have a difference in the quality and performance of the two. The Loaded Complete Fattail is a skate board that has been designed for pumping and free style. Any general usage for a skate board can be matched with this model. The classic concept has been modernized with this skate board’s design as it comes with a little extra girth. For the sake of pedestrian slalom, there is introduced Loaded Deck Fattail that also gives extra girth.


For those who like having a broader skate board that gives more room to the feet, there is introduced a Loaded Complete Bhangra that gives more standing space and yet it is light weight to allow the riders turn sleek and quickly. It has upturned nose and tail kicks that look very beautiful to see are serve a great utility as well. The Loaded Deck Bhangra also has a wider foot space allowing its riders to get dancing groves. Comfortable and functional agronomics are the trademarks for both these designs as they hit the store. Loaded Complete Kanthaka and Loaded Deck Kanthaka are the designs that give agility as well as muscles to the riders. The skate board not only looks tough but it also has the loyalty and dependability.


A skater is only as good as his foot wear; this too has been taken care of with the Fallen Shoes Capitol in Blood and Dust colors are available.  Apart from these; one can find stylish and trendy shirts, hoods/ uppers and jackets too.


In the featured products, there are original long board trucks that help in making the tightest of turns on the steepest of hills. They are not just oriented for showoff but they add to the skater’s confidence to take on the big game with confidence of not having to fall and get injured. Then there is Foundation Complete Duffel Gravedigger and Roces M12 UFS Aggressive Inline Skates for those who prefer skating shoes on skate boards. The Razor Skate Cult Street comes with excellent heel support and a lower base for feet to stay close to the ground. The Landyachtz Complete Ripper Bamboo is also a very stylish long board that is factory assembled. All these latest and featured products can be found on the website They come in a wide variety and with very reasonable rates for buyers.


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